Several famous French authors are at the heart of major exhibitions throughout 2022. From 19th century writers Marcel Proust and Charles Baudelaire, to the 400th anniversary of the birth of Molière, literature is ever more present on France's cultural scene. RFI looks into the country's enthusiasm for its bookish heritage.


What was Proust’s life like in Paris? How did it inspire his work? What is real and what is fictional? Paris's Carnavalet Museum dives deep into the author's universe, revealing the most intimate moments of his personal life – including a recreation of his bedroom with a lock of his hair on the night stand.

The recently restored museum is celebrating the 150th anniversary of his birth (1871–1922) with the exhibition "Marcel Proust, a Parisian novel" from 16 December to 10 April.

Proust is principally known for his work In search of Lost Time, a saga of seven tomes filled with many characters and descriptions inspired by his encounters and experiences in the French capital at the turn of the 19th century.

Proust's everyday life and social observations are used to narrate a "coming of age" story and his struggles to become a writer.

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