Highlights News from the North nº5


Corruption or negligence? Who framed Cape Verde

As until today, federative officials have not responded to the various questions that citizens have raised about the removal of the national team, they have given rise to indignation, contestation and, above all, suspicion
Public Prosecutor accuses doctor Carlos In addition to attacking the integrity of the corpse


While alcohol kills and the authorities drink

In São Vicente, alcoholism kills. And it is at the origin of other deaths, in particular suicides. In five suicides this year, four of the suicides “drank too much” and three were drunk when they committed suicide. Most cases of domestic violence that reached the Court had the excessive consumption of alcohol as a trigger.

blood crimes

Five out of nine homicides incur the maximum penalty
Excessive violence is the hallmark of the homicides that took place this year in São Vicente. It's not just Zezinho Catana who killed in a barbaric and cruel way. Of the nine homicides, the perpetrators of five of these crimes incur the maximum penalty, 15 to 20 years in prison, which attests to the barbarity they used to kill their victims. And the number could go up when the perpetrators of three unsolved murders are discovered.

No boats to transport heavy loads

Government makes “mea culpa”
The sea should be the highway of an archipelago country. But the rulers live with their backs to the sea. After the culling of the merchant marine fleet by the government in the 1990s, a solution was never found to put boats on this “highway”. It is proven that the private sector brought more problems than solutions. The Government makes “mea culpa” when there are no cargo-carrying boats operating.
Interview with António Monteiro The UCID will only be government if there is a Criollos do Norte
revolution in the World Cup

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