Highlights Notícias do Norte nº 4

 Yasmira: Missing for 14 years

Yasmira, known as Mamila, disappeared on January 1, 2000. Teresa, Mamila's mother, believes that her daughter was kidnapped, as hope is the last to die, she is sure that Mamila is alive, but out of Cape Green.

Willy: Kidnapping? Sale? where is the boy?

Willy disappeared eleven years ago. The boy, who was six years old at the time, disappeared without a trace. The PJ who took the case never found any leads on the boy. And society has never understood how a child could disappear from an island without leaving a trace, let alone the silence of the authorities. What is certain is that silence fell over Willy and the question remained unanswered: where is Willy?

Adilson Nascimento: Mission accomplished!

After a period with no one to take charge of Mindelense, Adilson Nascimento took charge of the club and today, after winning the national championship, still in a festive mood, he takes a look back at what the team was and projects what he wants to the next season. He took over the club with three objectives and, almost at the end of his term, he says that almost all of them are fulfilled.

Nando da Cruz: “The Bank of Culture doesn’t exist, it doesn’t work, it’s a joke!”

Ten years after releasing “Criança di nôs Terra”, Nando da Cruz is back with volume II of the project, but also with a lot of heartache. The author of several hits in the music of these Islands, says that “There is an institution that claims to deal with the music and culture of Cape Verde, but it is a lie. I speak of the Bank of Culture. It doesn’t exist, it doesn’t work!” – he concludes.
CT pulls ears

Chambers cannot pay bribes because it is the government's responsibility

Ending support or subsidies for university students can increase the number of students who drop out of higher education. The cry of despair was given last week in Mindelo, by the Mayor of Boa Vista, who, in a meeting with university students on the island, announced the end of financial support. The other northern municipalities follow in his footsteps.


Tma Cap

Future is… this one?

In a post on his Facebook page, the Prime Minister of Cape Verde puts a photo in the style of a third-rate Mexican soap opera heartthrob using copious doses of photoshop and announces that he is writing for the future.

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