Editorial Statute of the online newspaper Notícias do Norte


Notícias do Norte is an information project that focuses on regional information using São Vicente as a platform to reach the country and the world through new technologies.

Notícias do Norte is a highly informative newspaper, guided by criteria of rigor and editorial creativity, without any dependence on ideological, political or economic grounds.

Notícia do Norte is characterized by demanding and quality journalism, refusing sensationalism and the commercial exploitation of informative material.

Notícias do Norte focuses on diversified information, covering general matters, in the northern region of the country, seeking to respond to the interest and motivation of a diverse audience. Notícias do Norte is a training and information agent, promoting the analysis and debate of regional problems. , in favor of the development of the northern region of the country.

Notícias do Norte is committed to respecting the ethical principles and professional ethics of journalists, as well as the good faith of its readers.

Notícias do Norte considers that the existence of an active and intervening informed public opinion is a fundamental condition for democracy and the dynamics of an open society, which does not set regional, national and cultural boundaries to communication and opinion movements.

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