Edna Monteiro is Cape Verde's new ambassador to Luxembourg


The President of the Republic, José Maria Neves, appointed, on a proposal from the Government, career diplomat Edna Monteiro to the position of Ambassador of the archipelago in Luxembourg, a source from the Presidency of the Republic announced today.

The appointment, by decree, was made this Tuesday, September 27, and the diplomat will exercise in an ordinary service commission the position of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador in Luxembourg, where one of the largest Cape Verdean communities in Europe resides, after having ceased, on 19 September last, the functions of Director General of the Consular and Migration Services of Cape Verde.

Cape Verde has 21 diplomatic representations and consular posts, including 16 embassies on different continents, two permanent missions and three career consulates or consulates general.

The Cape Verdean Government announced at the end of last July that it was studying the creation of new embassies in strategic areas for the archipelago, as well as the establishment of ambassadors for certain topics, and intends to expand the scope of the jurisdiction of current diplomatic missions.

“It is an exercise precisely to see to what extent we can optimize the effectiveness of diplomatic missions and future others, depending on the interest and vision that we have with foreign policy, also in the sense of opening or not other embassies in different continents” , explained the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Cape Verde, Miryan Vieira.

The following month, the archipelago's embassy in Morocco was formally created, in the capital Rabat, and a consulate in Dakhla, in the south of the country, to increase bilateral relations, according to the Government's explanation.

“This analysis is basically the diagnosis of what we already have and, from there, we can envisage the opening or not of other embassies. But in the short term, what we are going to do is to extend the jurisdiction of the current embassies, in order to optimize their performance with other countries with which Cabo Verde intends to have strategic partnerships”, added, in July, the Secretary of State .

The first step of this process involves, based on the current structures, “seeing how to extend the jurisdiction of the aforementioned diplomatic missions in other countries” and only then “possibly opening other diplomatic missions”.

“We are not thinking, in the short term, of making any closure of the embassies, but basically this first exercise is to effectively have a perspective for the extension of the jurisdiction of coverage of the current embassies that we have and to see, also according to the priority to be defined by the Government, the opening or reopening of other embassies”, he added.


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