JPAI accuses TCV of censorship and company responds that it respects news criteria


The PAICV Youth President accuses the TCV of attempting to censor. The case took place this Monday morning when the television station did not attend a press conference in which JAPI expressed its concern for youth and the behavior of the Government and the chambers in dealing with youth issues. Fidel de Pina Cardoso says that this is not the first time that this “act of censorship” has taken place and asks the Minister responsible for the media portfolio to analyze the situation.

“This kind of censorship cannot happen. The press must be free and the exercise of democracy must be free, even more so in a country composed mostly of young people”. According to the leader of the JPD, the justification was that the press conference did not present reasons for reporting, which left Fidel de Pina indignant, considering this fact an affront.

In response to the JPD's protest, the Director of RTC, António Teixeira, in an interview with RCV, said that there are criteria for the station's information spaces "and what really is news must be managed". And regarding the coverage of activities, he advances that they cover the usual political parties at the national level and that they try to be equal. The concern would be if there was a difference between the treatment of party youths. “I challenge the President to present a JPD report without us having done a JPAI report”, he concludes.

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