MP based on news opens investigation to investigate GBV crime against Amadeu Oliveira


The statement does not mention the name of the suspect, but according to information analyzed and based on the facts presented, it is clear that the person concerned is the jurist Amadeu Oliveira.

The Public Prosecutor's Office for the District of Ribeira Grande de Santo Antão, taking into account a news published in the Online Journal "O País" on April 25 , reporting alleged aggressions committed by an individual of Cape Verdean nationality, lawyer and recently -elected deputy of the National Assembly [Amadeu Oliveira], against his former marital companion, a national of a foreign state, the Public Ministry ordered, on April 27, 2021, the opening of a criminal investigation .

The Public Prosecutor's Office (MP) justifies this decision by claiming that "there are facts likely to integrate, for the time being, the practice of the crime of gender-based violence, provided for and punished by national criminal legislation".

According to the same source, the case is under judicial secrecy and the terms are being dealt with at the Attorney General's Office of the District of Ribeira Grande de Santo Antão.

In fact, a series of steps are in progress with a view to obtaining evidence to clarify the facts, so that, once concluded, the meaning of the order closing the investigation will be made public.

According to research in the online newspaper, based on that date, the jurist Amadeu Oliveira, is being accused of the “repeated practice” of GBV crimes, against a former partner. The alleged victim is, according to the same source, a woman of Brazilian nationality who had a romantic relationship with Amadeu Oliveira, between Santo Antão and the island of Sal.

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