Mundo-Dog, fake news and computer piracy


It has even been several years since I saw the film entitled Dog World, which had great box office success for presenting the most impressive and reprehensible facets of man's habits, customs and behavior according to his geography. Intriguing and shocking customs and behaviors for those who live in the West, despite some that pass among us. What is happening today seems to us even more reprehensible, which we are aware of almost instantly because the media are much faster with the advances in communication technology, which promise to spy on us without realizing it. Television was created to allow us to watch from a distance. As George Orwell imagined in the book 1984, television will watch us as we look at the screen, and currently on smartphone screens. We are already exposed to a torrent of manipulation, publicity and highly targeted propaganda. Just think of how, in just two decades, thousands of billions of people have come to rely on Google's search algorithm for the most important task of all: looking for relevant and reliable information. Both China and Russia, Israel and the USA are constantly improving their surveillance tools. Israel, for example – I use information from the Jewish professor and writer Noah Harari, whom I have already mentioned in another text – has a very active high-tech sector and a cutting-edge cybersecurity industry. Currently, when a Palestinian makes a phone call, posts something on Facebook or travels from one city to another, he is most likely to be monitored by microphones, video cameras, drones and software with the help of Big Data algorithm. Thus, just a few Israeli soldiers are enough to control some 2.5 million Palestinians in the West Bank. What Palestinians live in the West Bank may be a primitive sample of what billions will live later or sooner across the planet; in China, for example, that era has already begun.

What I am telling you shows us that democracy is being put in danger, and there is a need to invent a new form of democracy so that we do not start living in digital dictatorships, which, moreover, are not far away, as we demonstrated computer pirates (harkers); computer piracy is only a small part of the truth. In reality, we live in the age of human, unofficial, and, for now, illegal cyber-espionage piracy.

With the acquittal of Trump by the Republican Party, the United States is less democratic, and this is a tragedy for the field of democracy around the world, not least because it gives strength to other thugs of their kind. Chauvinist nationalism, fundamentalist religion and culture divide Humanity into hostile factions and make global cooperation very difficult. In recent years, there has been an increase in manifestations of anti-Semitism, which I believe to be a false statement. What happens is a revolt against the Israeli government led by Netanyahu, its intolerance and violence against the Palestinians, against the creation of the State of Palestine, the installation of settlements on Palestinian territory and disrespect for the deliberations of the United Nations, which contributed to destroying all the sympathy that existed towards the Jews after the holocaust. And this is thanks to the unconditional support of the United States, in the United Nations Security Council, and in the media, which has been made worse by the rise to power of Trump, who has nothing to deny Netanyahu, a right-wing extremist with problems with justice. .

To speak of the dog-world in the pejorative sense, as is customary, is an offense to the dog, that friend of man, given what we are currently witnessing in the behavior of many rulers and predatory elites, as George Steiner, essayist, philosopher, linguist, would say. , a literature professor, recently deceased at the age of 90, who visited Portugal in 2007 to speak at a symposium organized by F. Gulbenkian entitled “Science has limits”, whose title he proposed. In the conversation he had with journalists, he recalled that “people die of hunger every day and nobody does anything”, and he did not hesitate to confess, “I don’t understand how none of those factory entrepreneurs and bankers who bankrupt companies and banks have yet to be murdered, throwing thousands of employees into unemployment, and then they hop on their private jets to go on holiday to Barbados”. Unfortunately, these thugs and barons of political parties pretend to know nothing, they already have memory failures, and nobody touches them, not least because they are equipped with a bunch of good lawyers who are in charge of saving them from jail.

The world is becoming increasingly unequal: today, the world's richest 1 percent own half of the world's wealth. Even more alarmingly, the 100 richest people in the world together have more money than the poorest four billion! And there was a time when it was believed that globalization would benefit a large part of humanity, but there are signs of growing inequality, both between countries and within societies. In the 21st century, however, data (from Google, Facebook, Baidu, etc.) will supplant both land value (antiquity value) and machines (Modern age values) as more important assets, and politics will be a struggle to control the flow of information. If the data is concentrated in too few hands, Humanity will split into different species, as Harari suggests. We fight against fake news (fake news) when, in fact, most religions and other ideologies were and are fake news that lasts forever. For centuries, for example, Christians have locked themselves in a mythological bubble of self-empowerment, never daring to question the factual veracity of the Bible - as Muslims do with the Quran - when much of the Bible and the Qur'an and other texts sacred sayings may be fiction; but they can bring joy to billions of believers and intellectuals and continue to encourage human beings to be understanding, courageous, creative and, negatively, even extremely violent in their defense, similar to other works such as Don Quixote, Lusíadas, works of Shakespeare and others. The Japanese, another example, believed that the emperor was God. After Japan's defeat, Emperor Hirohito publicly declared that he was not a god. Some fake news lasts for thousands of years. Nazi propaganda master Joseph Goebells is said to have explained his method: “A lie told once remains a lie, but a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth”. This is what fake news is based on.

After all, we continue to live in an increasingly unequal, horrible, disappointing world for those who nurtured a more comforting and beneficial evolution for all, as the Enlightenment, liberalism and scientific positivism guaranteed with the development of schooling, scientific and technical knowledge. , of free movement and contacts between communities, of a regular improvement of civility, etc., when, without realizing it, the evolution towards bestiality was reversed.

Wall, February 2020

Arsénio Fermino de Pina
(Pediatrician and honorary member of Adeco)

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