PM says that resumption of CV Airlines flights is “good news” for Cabo Verde


The Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, today considered the announcement of the resumption of Cabo Verde Airlines flights on December 27 on the Praia – Lisbon route as “good news” for the country.

Ulisses Correia e Silva made these statements to the press, on the sidelines of a visit he made this morning to the premises of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, in Praia, adding that it is good that there is a new operator in the market and that TACV be back.

“I had already stated that December would be the month for the resumption of TACV activities, so it is good news for Cape Verde, because it will start operating on the Praia-Lisbon line. Just look at the prices, they are incomparably lower than what TAP, for example, has been practicing”, he declared.

TACV Cabo Verde Airlines announced this Monday the official resumption of international flights from 27 December, connecting Praia to Lisbon, with two weekly frequencies, on Monday and Friday.

The company will start the connections, with tickets from 150 Euros, per route. The information is provided by the company's PCA, Sara Pires, in an interview with RCV.

According to that official, the ticket costs vary according to category, but it is certain that the value starts at 150 Euros per route.

Another novelty advanced by the PCA of TACV is that the company will provide services on board but in a “very limited” and “very cautious” way, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As for passengers who already had travel tickets but are unable to travel due to the pandemic, they have a period of 2 years to reschedule their trips, Pires said.

The PCA also made it known that on the occasion of Carnival, the Island of São Vicente should start to receive TACV flights to Lisbon and then to the Island of Sal.

The flights that will resume on the 27th, will be between the Capitals Praia and Lisbon, and twice a week.

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