SNIAC warns institutions that withholding the CNI or the TRE is illegal and subject to fines of up to 75,000 escudos


The National Civil Identification and Authentication System (SNIAC) warns institutions that they retain the National Identification Card (CNI) or the Foreigner Residence Permit (TER), at the entrance or exit of establishments, as a security control measure, which this practice is prohibited by law and is subject to a fine of between $25,000 to $75,000 if the citizen decides to file a complaint.

This notice follows several citizens who exposed the case to the entity, as a way of putting an end to this illegality.

In this sense, the SNIAC, through the social network Facebook, urges institutions to adhere to other solutions, including registering the person with minimum data on the person, or requesting integration with the SNIAC.

“It is enough to identify the citizen at the entrance and exit, register his minimum data on a sheet, returning his document immediately, in case the institution or company does not want to invest in automatic control mechanisms”, or “you can request integration with the SNIAC under the terms of Law 43/VIII/2013, of 17 September, free of charge and develop its own automatic control. And yet, according to the same source, the institution “may still use the data reading software on the chip of this document”.

All these solutions have been available for some time, especially from 2021 onwards.”

And if the law is not complied with, it encourages the population, any citizen who feels wronged, to seek a judicial instance where they can claim their rights.


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